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I recently began working with Tim Schmoyer from the YouTube channel Video Creators. Tim’s videos revolve around YouTube and how to manage the platform as a video creator, as the title says. Tim and I found each other on Upwork, a new freelancing platform that came out of Elance and ODesk. While I’ve had some work going on, I can’t always fill up my schedule, so I keep checking Upwork for new projects every once in a while.

This is the second project I have now found in this way. The first one was the music video for akai SKY’s song Marionette, which actually took place via Elance, still. I’ll be honest, it isn’t easy to find good opportunities on these platforms unless you offer very low rates. While I will give people a good deal when I can, I don’t see it as appropriate for me to compete with people who work at $10/hr rates. It simply isn’t feasible for me and the reality is that in many cases you get what you pay for. I, too, have hired people on Elance for small jobs and I have learned what certain jobs are worth.

But the video for akai SKY was a very good experience. The band was well organised and we got this project done quite efficiently (and it was fun too), and so I know that there are worthwhile projects to find.

Meanwhile, by the way, Upwork have listed me as a “Rising Talent” which is a badge offered to some members on Upwork who don’t have enough experience on the platform itself to get necessary job scores and such, but who have had some success and good experience outside Upwork (from what I understand, anyway). So we’ll see, maybe this will help me find some more interesting projects.

But back to Video Creators.

I have worked on two videos for Tim so far. What I do now is more about editing as the whole package, rather than graphics specifically. Here they are.

Working with Tim is a nice opportunity for me to extend the range of material I work on. So far I have written a lot about YouTube in my studies, but I haven’t had enough hands-on experience to really get to know the platform as deeply as I would like to. In many ways I have been concentrating on online video, but more from a technological point of view when it comes to the needs and requirements for compression, formats, video layouts, colour management etc. I get a more complete view on it from a creative and marketing perspective as well. Who knows, with all the things I learn from Tim’s channel I might even get my own channel started 😉

If you’re interested in learning more about YouTube I definitely recommend checking out Video Creators. There is some very useful and interesting information and it is all presented in a way that’s real and down-to-earth. It’s a great source to learn from.

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