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Anniversary at BÖS - Workshop Photography

On April 20, I supported BÖS with photography for their 20th anniversary. I'm always happy to be around artists, writers and other creative people. Writing workshops can be a great opportunity to be creative together, to exchange ideas, to dare to present raw texts to each other and subsequently to give and receive feedback.

Although I didn't actually take part in the day's workshops myself - that would obviously have been a bit too much while doing the photography - the creative energy was still palpable and very inspiring for me too.

The BÖS has a very wide range of workshops that inspire on different levels, from city walks to dream explorations and much more. I've certainly kept their folder and will see when I can immerse myself in this creative force writing again as well.

In the meantime, however, I am also pleased to have captured the other creatives and to have taken some of this energy home with me.

Here is BÖS' report on the anniversary.


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