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Easter shoot with Blumen Mitzi - Instagram content photography

My flower photography seems to have led me directly to Blumen Mitzi. I had just been looking for a new, inspiring project when Blumen Mitzi also needed a new photographer and content manager. And the collaboration is proving fruitful so far.

For this year's Easter shoot we had the opportunity to shoot in the beautiful premises of Real Beauty Vienna in the 1st district. Almost impossible to take bad photos here. We walked out quite happily with a good selection of photos that morning.

Mitzi set up her arrangements seemingly effortlessly and all that was left for me to do was to depict them in the best possible light. I currently like to work with a single flash to brighten the scene appropriately while remaining flexible and light-footed.

Particularly inspiring: Mitzi's headdress. For me, the urban patroness of Ostara was born in these pictures. I have a thing for old symbols, for representations of femininity and the implementation of contrasts. So this shoot with Blumen Mitzi checked off a lot of boxes for me.


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