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In my last blog post I talked a bit about my new work with Tim Schmoyer from Video Creators. It’s been a good experience so far and we have uploaded a number of videos, which I think have been well received so far.

Tim has just introduced a new format for his 2016 schedule and I had the pleasure of assisting with some of the designs, in addition to editing his videos. Here’s the new logo for Video Creators – Entrepreneurs.


I rejigged the old Video Creators logo very slightly and added the new brand in a way that I think will really suit Tim’s intentions for the new format. You can see the logo in action, along with a little intro I created here:

The aim, with both the logo and the intro was to maintain the Video Creators style while adding a new element to it. The show is for full-time YouTubers and those who want to be. We are therefore talking about going a step further and adding a bit more bling to what’s already there.

I’m very curious to see where this is going, myself. It’s been great working with Tim, I enjoy what he does and I get to learn while working. Pretty neat bonus, if you ask me.

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